7 tips for saving money on your power bill as temperatures rise!

Apr 29th 2015

With the lovely summer weather, comes the heat. Although we love soaking in the sun at our pool, coming home for the day with a whopping bill from the power company can leave us a tad bit distressed. To help keep our residents as well as you save on those monthly bills, we've put together a list of tips to saving cool air while saving money.

5 tips for making your rental house your home

Mar 31st 2015

When it comes to making a rental house feel like your home, infusing each room with you and your roommates’ personality is key. Our team, here at The Retreat, has come up with 5 easy ways to transform your space in just one weekend! So start making your shopping list!

how to find a great summer internship

Mar 17th 2015

If you are overwhelmed when it comes to starting the search for possible summer internships The Retreat has come up with some great tips to help you jump start the application process.

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