Typesof Student Housing

Housing Options For UCF Students

One of the first things students think of when they’re going away to college is where they’re going to live. There are only two options students at the University of Central Florida can choose from when it comes to this decision — on campus or off campus. When you think about on-campus living, the first thing that comes to mind is a walk-in-closet sized room stuffed with two old bunk beds and one dresser. This is what you and your roommate might get if you chose to live in UCF housing. Finding the perfect place to call home can be a challenge, but for UCF students, Orlando offers a wide variety of options for everyone.

On-Campus Housing At UCF

Living on-campus means you get to be less than a mile away from all of your classes, your new friends and the dining hall. However, it also means that you’ll probably live in a cramped room with one to three other people who might not be the tidiest people in Orlando.

For first-time college students, the idea of living alone or living more than a mile from your 9 a.m. class might seem daunting. Which is why first-time students often feel like they have to give up their comfort in order to be close to everything.

Apartments For Rent Near UCF

With the city constantly growing, there are plenty of student apartments near UCFWith so many options, students and young professionals have the opportunity to choose apartments that come in all sizes and at varying price points.

Living off campus means that you get the opportunity to live with you friends and make group meals together, watch Netflix on stormy nights and relax by the pool on the weekend — all without leaving your complex.

While this sounds appealing, it’s important to remember that some apartments might be farther from campus, which means a long and tedious bus ride if you’re not cautious when you pick your new home. There may also be rules regarding pets, visitors and even parking!

Condos & Townhouses in Orlando

If you’ve toured Orlando apartments and haven’t found one that suits all of your needs, you might consider renting a condo or townhome. Condos are nice because they offer you more space than most apartments, and many are located in quieter neighborhoods filled with young professionals, families and older residents.

The downside? A lot of condos and townhouses require that you pay a homeowner’s association fee, which is often quite costly. These fees can range from $200 to $400 and often don’t even include all of the services you need. In addition to these hefty fees, condos and townhomes often have strict rules as to what you can and cannot do to the lawn as well as the walls. Because of this, these living situations can often become cumbersome and burn a big hole through your wallet.

Renting A Home Near UCF Campus

If condos, apartments and townhomes aren’t what you’re looking for, then you might consider renting a home. Some of the nice things about renting a home are that you can have guests over and properly entertain them, you get great amenities like a big kitchen and a spacious living room, and you might even be able to bring your kitten Fluffy along as well!

All of these great experiences can be ruined easily if your landlord is too laid back. If this happens to you, you might have an unruly lawn for weeks since your landlord didn’t bother to pay for a lawn service, or worse, you might find yourself with a flooded laundry room and your landlord has conveniently decided to ignore your calls.

Orlando Luxury Apartments For Rent

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment close to UCF, look no further than The Retreat at Orlando. This state-of-the-art apartment complex offers amenities such as a large clubhouse, a sauna, a pool area and so many more great features to make your time at UCF a pleasure.

Along with all of these great amenities, The Retreat at Orlando also has large, open floorplans and the opportunity to live with others. If The Retreat at Orlando sounds like the perfect place for you, schedule a tour today! Make the most out of your college experience and live at The Retreat at Orlando.

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